Playdough Recipe Cards – 4 Languages

I had the opportunity to create this set of cards for Nunavut’s Department of Education in 2012. Two sets of cards were produced: Inuktitut/English, and Inuinnaqtun/French. Samples from all four language layouts are included here.

My suggestion to create the background and symbols out of playdough was well received, so I proceeded to create everything by hand. The playdough elements were scanned and retouched before finally being combined with the photos. 


The measuring scoops in the photos were re-coloured in Photoshop to match the scoops provided to the classes along with the cards. 

A poster with tear-off recipe pages was then requested to allow parents of young children to pick up the recipe for home use.

I hope students in Nunavut have as much fun with the playdough as I did designing the instructions!


The poster includes a spot to attach tear-off recipe sheets for parents to take home.

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