Crawford St. Block Party

Residents of Crawford St. in Toronto's Bickford Park neighbourhood came together in 2013 to hold their first block party. They held monthly planning meetings, gathered funds, and organized a whole day’s worth of family-friendly activities.

The big white tent, their first group purchase, is the focal point of the event. This became my inspiration for the poster design. I also created custom lettering for the title of the event.

Including the full schedule of events on a poster is unconventional, but this is a straightforward way to communicate with senior residents who are not online and who will be directly affected by the event happening on their doorstep. 

The Crawford Street Block Party continues to be an annual tradition.

  • Client: Residents of Crawford St., Toronto
  • Freelance/Community involvement
  • Language(s): English
  • Format: 18x30" & 8.5x14" printed posters
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