Nunavut National Parks Poster Series

These full-colour, double-sided posters promote tourism to the parks and provide detailed travel information through maps and multilingual text. 

New designs for the Nunavut national parks poster series were commissioned in 2011 to reflect significant updates to the brand standards of Parks Canada. 

Emphasis is placed on images of people enjoying the unique northern landscape.

The new colours, fonts, tagline, and graphics are structured to support the top-notch photography Canadians have come to expect from Parks Canada. 

  • Client: Parks Canada
  • Agency: Atiigo Media
  • Languages: Inuktitut, English, French
  • Format: Four double-sided 20x36" posters


The reverse side of each poster includes a trilingual map of the park, its location, and a written description of the area. The maps have been updated to reflect changes to amenities as well as the new Parks Canada branding. 

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